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ArtPosted by Studio Elysion Tue, May 13, 2014 13:04:31
The art world is a complex construction of many players who all play their own role but are always intertwined by their the common ground, the arts.

When people ask me what the art world is like and how it 'works' I always reply that it is a weird mystery. Money-wise the art world can be seen like a pyramid where the top has dazzling amounts of money - crazy auction results can be witnessed in all the big art cities like London and New York - and the greater layer of artists, galerie owners, art consultants, museum curators etc. who are always struggling with their funds, but produce shows and exhibitions anyway, for the sake of the arts.

An important aspect about the developments of the contemporary art world is that the role of art collectors has increased rapidly over the last few decades and academic criticism about quality has decreased, both to a concerning level. In 2009 the movie 'Untitled', by Jonathan Parker and Catherine DiNapoli, captured this issue with lots of comedy.

Last fall Dutch filmmaker Frank van den Engel finished his documentary 'The Next Big Thing' where lots of research was put into and several artists, art collectors, gallery owners and a museum director and auction house chairman are featured.

Of course we live in a fast lane driven world where time is a rare and valuable commodity. But it causes big harm to the arts as a whole. Artist Chuck Close stressed the very limited amount of time that is given to artists to let themselves and their work ripe and mature. Collector Rosa de la Cruz stated that 'There is too much instant coffee', meaning that art requires patience but our current society is not able at all to bring up patience for anything. Very clearly she continues that 'buying isn't the same as collecting'.

Although this all doesn't sound very optimistic, it is crucial to ventilate the truth and make this story heard.

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City Pluriformity

LifestylePosted by Studio Elysion Thu, December 19, 2013 13:24:43

Personal appearance is the most clear way of sensing a city's atmosphere.

Of course we determine how we present ourselves to the outdoor world, however, the tendency of tolerance or more to say acceptance, will form the frame wherein the urban inhabitant will move itself.

Though many youngsters in metropolitan areas often don’t want to be framed I think this phenomenon can also be seen as a positive aspect, as its synergy identifies a city’s uniform. Or rather said, pluriform - the more room a city’s vibe tends to give, the variety and colorfulness extends. Framing is not that bad, let’s all remember that.

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The yellow bible

LifestylePosted by Studio Elysion Thu, September 12, 2013 15:06:30
Guidelines, we all need them in our lives. Wisdom can be drawn out of so many sources, however, their wasn't such a thing as a bible for inspiration. Now there is.

Monocle, known for it's continuous search of inspiring stories within the fields of global affairs, business, culture and design, bundled their best worldwide features and created The Monocle Guide to Better Living. It is full of stories about people, cities, entrepreneurship and products that actually contribute to a better living.

SE had the privilege to attend at its book launch at Gestalten, the Berlin based publishing house that is leading in the range of architecture, (sub)culture and design.
A large number of the editorial staff of Monocle HQ was present including Monocle founder Tyler Brûlé and editor Andrew Tuck.

As Tuck put it: 'It's about inspiring people around the world to maybe even quit their jobs and start a new company while ever keeping quality and sustainability in mind. I won't quite my job though' - He'd be crazy to do so.

The worldwide book launch continues through several continents and of course the yellow inspiration bible will be available online.

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Eclecticism pur sang

DesignPosted by Studio Elysion Sat, August 17, 2013 20:05:36

A Brooklyn loft with European flair - that's how SE would call it.

Photo: Wallpaper

In a former store for home supplies (kitchen supplies etc.), which was founded in the late 19th century, architect and interior designer Gisbert Pöppler found the idea of creating an assemblage of art, furniture and decoration objects with the poetic background of the Wallstraße 85 in Berlins' Mitte neighborhood.

I will not write anything more about it as this showcase must be experienced by oneself.

Whenever you are in the city of Berlin, make sure to have a peek at this temporary gem.

Between Time will be on view until September 22nd. 2013.

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B is for Berlin

Studio Elysion NewsPosted by Studio Elysion Sat, August 17, 2013 19:46:29
SE will be based in Berlin from now on!

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The Greenhouse Effect

LifestylePosted by Studio Elysion Fri, August 16, 2013 16:43:21
The Green trend has been going on for a while now. We finally tend to pay more attention to our environment and ourselves by farming by season, producing and eating locally and organic and stacking our wardrobes with mainly natural fibers.

And now, it has been even lifted to a literary interpretation, by taking the greens in and creating a Greenhouse Effect at home or at the office. So how about you? Grabbed your greens inside yet?

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