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PhotographyPosted by Studio Elysion Tue, June 11, 2013 20:56:05


They give us those nice bright colors

They give us the greens of summers

Makes you think all the world’s

A sunny day, oh yeah

I got a Nikon camera

I love to a photograph

So mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away

Credits: Paul Simon

Written in a time when the famous Kodachrome films were still in circulation (1973), the uniqueness of the films were well characterized in these lyrics.

This fall, Brooklyn based publisher powerHouse Books will launch a new book, 'Kodachrome Memory', that captures a selection of images that reveal the real America throughout the seventies and eighties - naturally shot with Kodachromes. As summer is still in progress, a preview is available online before it will hit the stores.

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