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ArtPosted by Studio Elysion Mon, March 18, 2013 22:41:05

Being an institution herself, Marina Abramović will put not only her words, but her total being in to action by developing the MAI, the Marina Abramović Institute.

A former theater in Hudson, New York - a two hour drive from New York City - will be renovated to house this institute. Architects no less than Rem Koolhaas and Shohei Shigematsu are in charge of the project.

Photo credits: The New York Times, OMA, Another.

When Marina Abramović noticed the lack of knowledge about performance art, she felt the strong desire and urgency to share her knowledge about performance art with younger generations - for both the public and young artists.

Art history will be told through experiencing it with mind and body. Education through experience in its ultimate form, one might call this, as this ìs about the experience.

When you enter the institute you will have to give your word of honor and your total trust. In order to have a complete experience you will be entirely shut down from daily life by leaving your phone, watch or keys behind - objects that keeps our heads spinning almost 24/7 in this world that is based on a never sleeping and continuously occupied society.

The 'trade' that is made, is time in exchange for experience, as Marina Abramović has put it into words.

With the plans already published to the public in 2008, the renovation of the building in Hudson is in rapid progression at this moment. If it will be concluded according to plan, the first visitors will be welcomed in 2014.

I can not wait to head upstate, so I've put Hudson, NY to my travel list of next year.

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