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Spotless Shots

PhotographyPosted by Studio Elysion Sat, January 12, 2013 19:21:44
Stunning. Striking. Swept away.

That's how I would describe how a friend and I felt when we sneaked inside a gallery last week, on a dreary night in Berlin.

The way the German and relatively unknown photographer Horst Schäfer captured the sights of New York City in the sixties, is absolutely breathtaking. His superb timing and sense of architectural structures created phenomenal pictures that are hard to leave behind at Galerie Dittmar. Herr Dittmar was kind enough to show us - very proud and enthusiastic - the drawers, that were filled with Schäfer's pictures. Bless the era of analogue black and white photography and streets that were filled with decently dressed citizens. An era we can only long back for watching Mad Men and these pictures of course.

Please make sure to visit the exhibition if you're around the city of Berlin - it will be on view until February 23rd.

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