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ArtPosted by Studio Elysion Sat, December 15, 2012 17:21:36

Subway systems are never really inspiring places. Except for the brief moments when you're lucky enough to catch some hints of actual good sounds or voices when you're transferring trains at, say, Union Square. But that's about it. Ugly tiles, an unexplainable choice of colors and bare concrete in a non-Richard Meier way are usually the average surroundings when you're down there.

Not in Stockholm however. Over the past decades artists have been asked to fill the walls of the subway stations. As they look like caves and don't have any resemblance to the Parisian, London, Milanese, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York subway system, the stations in Stockholm really stand out, like rock drawings from the twenty-first century.

These walls that form an art line of more than 100 kilometers are just a part of a bigger project that is called Konsten i Trafiken (art in traffic). It started in the nineteen fifties and is meant to infuse the big public with art and architecture. No better place than the public transport system of one of the most creative and progressive cities in the world. Snygg!

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