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I have a dream [...]

ArtPosted by Studio Elysion Thu, October 25, 2012 14:46:54
Yes, we all have 'em. Dreams. But often we don't share them or chase them enough in order to realize these cloudy thoughts.

One Dutch youngster, Justus Bruns, went after his 'what if...' and settled in Fort Green, Brooklyn, New York, to make his dream become a reality.

His ultimate dream is to replace all the dazzling advertisement lights of Manhattan's Times Square with art, so Times Square will be Art Square for a period of time every year.

Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? No.
Make this wonderful dream become a reality and visit the digital Art Square to find out more how to support, so that hopefully we'll be able to walk down 7th Ave. and enjoy art instead of ads.

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