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LifestylePosted by Studio Elysion Wed, October 24, 2012 12:23:07

No, it's not about Brigitte Bardot. But about some other legendary B's.

This month, October 2012 is the celebration of 50 glorious years of icons of pop culture.

In 1962 The Beatles launched their very first single 'Love me do'. Looking back, critics say it wasn't a great song at all. However, it was a kick-off to greater times for the four youngsters from Liverpool.

Another debut to the public took place when Sean Connery appeared on the white screen as the first James Bond in Ian Fleming's 'Dr. No'. We all know what happened after this launch.

As history repeats, and the visual backgrounds of the movie as well as the appearances could just be cut out of present issues of fashion and interior design magazines, I wonder if the successes of these phenomenons will ever be achieved by the current generation. Tough call.

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