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A new cattle in town

FashionPosted by Studio Elysion Tue, November 20, 2012 22:27:15

Cows. There in the top five of most iconic Dutch features. And yet, this new cattle of cows that arrived, didn't even came from the same continent. I'm not referring to the classic black&white ones that every child gets familiar with through books or small field trips. No, these exotics are derived from the grounds of Kenya, Africa.

Superkoeien was launched last week by Ven&Vogel, a young Amsterdam based label, set up by two guys that went to Kenya in 2009 during their study and wanted to bring in a piece of fashionable fauna to their home base.

Thanks to nature, all pairs are unique and are totally hand manufactured by craftsmen in Kenya. Actual desert boots to stroll around the city streets with*.

*Might be good to know that they are club proof as post-party cleaning goes pretty smooth.

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Printed hypes

FashionPosted by Studio Elysion Thu, September 13, 2012 13:13:24
Although it's not spot on news, regarding the fact that it hasn't been incredibly widespread I'll share it anyway.

After seven consistent years of sharing digital fashion news, HYPEBEAST launched their first printed magazine this summer.

A thick bookazine filled with interviews and bold photography. Selected availability.

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FashionPosted by Studio Elysion Tue, February 21, 2012 16:00:49
Haberdashery is a hot word nowadays. And well, what is there not to like about good craftsmanship, combined with a great sense of style and a heart for small local production?

Founded in NYC and produced upstate, General Knot & Co. brings the finest checks, stripes and vintage prints in the form of ties. It's all in the details ladies & gents!

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When spring pops in

FashionPosted by Studio Elysion Wed, February 15, 2012 22:22:41
Sure thing, the last bits of ice are still floating around the canals of Amsterdam and according to the calendar winter isn't over yet. But… it never hurts the eyes to peak into the next season and see what's in store. Spring as a season always stands for a fresh start of the year. So, please let those bright sunbeams pop in!

Early spring in London town, according to Aubin & Wills.

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Unifit, unicool

FashionPosted by Studio Elysion Thu, December 08, 2011 12:05:50
As a personal fan of wearing mens clothes as a woman, I was very happy to find a brand that creates a collection that is almost 100% unisex.

Muttonhead, based in Toronto, aimes to produce all their garments as sustainable as possible without losing fit or look and with a great eye for detailing.

Hopefully it will be more and more available in Europe but they ship worldwide, thank goodness!

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FashionPosted by Studio Elysion Fri, January 14, 2011 12:38:46
Actually, no doubt all Scott Shuman fans have already seen this short film about the blogging part of Shuman's life.

The street photographer we all know as The Sartorialist has been filmed about his own work (also does commercial shoots all around the world) in his home town NYC.

Personally, I see his blog as an enormous databank of inspiration and it has been regularly a last minute savor in a blank-mind-wardrobe-situation.

Flip through The Sartorialist to see it all.

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